Death Cab for Cutie,横渡大西洋


  原来看小说也可以挖到好歌,说的是Brifan那两篇Man Behind the Curtain和West of Eden——上个月翻完了,好有满足感~~~~QAF的同人作者都喜欢把歌曲穿插在故事中,Brifan挑的歌大都是Coldplay、U2、Sting,还有很多我没听过的band,好听的还真不少。Colplay的Spies以前听过没留太大印象,没想Brifan把Spies当插曲,因为歌与故事情节配得天衣无逢,重听居然很“惊艳”。果然听歌是讲求心境和意境的。
   Death Cab for Cutie也是因为Brifan才知道。美国乐团,名字来自60年代的一首歌。乍见这名字,以为会是metal band或hard rock,没想到听了Brifan作为插曲的Transatlanticism,我~的~妈~呀~~~居然是这么抒情这么美丽,太好听了,歌词也太美了。网上找到一个叫零肆好玩的网友把题目译为“横渡大西洋”,非常贴切。
The Atlantic was born today and I’ll tell you how
The clouds above opened up and let it out
I was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere
when the water filled every hole
And thousands upon thousands made an ocean
making islands where no islands should go (oh no…)
Most people were overjoyed; they took to their boats
I thought it less like a lake and more like a moat
The rhythm of my footsteps crossing flatlands to your door
door have been silenced forevermore
And the distance is quite simply much to far for me to row;
it seems farther than ever before, oh no…
I need you so much closer…
I need you so much closer…
I need you so much closer…
I need you so much closer……
  听得叫我激动不已,跑去挖他们的专辑Transatlanticism和Plans来听,发现好歌还真不少。最喜欢的还是Marching Bands of Manhattan,还有Title and Registration,音乐太好听了;Crooked Teeth倒也趣致可爱。

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   Death Cab for Cutie玩的是indie pop/ rock,目前已经发了4张EP 5张专辑,曾获Grammy最佳另类专辑提名。Twilight: New Moon的电影原声带第一首单曲就是他们的新歌Meet Me on the Equinox,吉他声真有型~~~下面是粉丝用电影的三个预告配上他们的歌。


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    終於 終於 終於

    我終於看到他們了 好想飛扑過去抱你

    我有<Narrow Stairs>專輯
    如果你要我可以傳給你 找到知音比任何事情都高興 yeah yeah yeah~~~~~~


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