Prison Break的精彩对白



T-bag:Looks like the bank of Africa wasn’t allowing any withdrawals.

T-bag: Not that hot? *points to an African American cellmate* When this guy woke up, he was white!

T-bag: Either I’m through that hole with you or I’m gonna sing like Johnny Cash.
(要不我就和你们一起钻那个洞,要不我可要像Johny Cash一样地唱了。)
sing like Johny Cash,T-bag的对白总是又创意又搞笑。

T-bag: What are we, the A train? Everyone gets to ride with us?

T-bag: So you’re the new one I’ve been hearing all the rave reviews about. Scotfield. One thing’s for sure, you’re just as pretty as advertised. Prettier, even.
as pretty as advertised,我喜欢这句。

T-bag: I don’t know about you all, but uh, this room’s gettin’ a little too dark for me to dig.
C-Note: Are you telling me that there’s a hole in Fox River that you don’t want to get into?
(你意思说Fox River竟然还有洞是你不想钻的?)
C-Note这个回敬太强了!有看《Prison Break》的朋友,一定明白那是什么意思~^^

T-bag: You know it vexes me that uh, that I’m made out to be the bad guy in the room. It’s not like you all are incarcerated for stealin’ girl scout cookies.
Abruzzi: None of us murdered any girl scouts in the process.

Mohane:The problem I find with being on a trail, is that by definition, you’ll always be behind your prey.

Aburzzi: These pants are too short!
Lincoln: Chop your feet off. You’re good at that!

Sucre: I thought you would leave me behind.
Michael: I tried but I got tangled in the rope.

Michael: Westmoreland may have had a flexible relationship with the truth but at the end, there was no reason for him to lie.

Lincoln: Looks like Westmoreland spent his last breath blowing smoke up your ass, Michael.

T-Bag: You can look at the menu. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna eat anything.




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